Buy a bouncy castle and become self-employed!

Starting a business as a bouncy castle rental company

Have you ever thought about buying a bouncy castle and renting it out and becoming self-employed or turning it into a part-time job? Nothing easier than that! Thanks to our many years of experience in the rental business, we are at your side with advice and support when setting up your business. Renting out bouncy castles and attractions gives you the opportunity to earn a lot of money while having fun as a self-employed person or as a side business.

Starting a bouncy castle rental business is a great business idea for becoming self-employed, working from home or building a lucrative part-time job. You don’t need a lot of equity to get started in the business. You can easily start with 1 – 2 bouncy castles and buy additional models as demand increases. A bouncy castle is profitable very quickly. The payback period is usually very short. Here is a small profitability calculation using our popular bouncy castle castle as an example:

Acquisition costs €1200
Income per rental is €125

9.6 -> lend 10 times

So you only have to rent out your bouncy castle ten times to get your first win. Don’t worry, the bouncy castle is still in very good condition after ten uses. Most rental companies rent out their bouncy castles between 50 and 70 times before they sell the castles again as good used ones for a reasonable price. The margin in the rental business is quite considerable. There is also income from services such as: B. Delivery and support. Depending on the orders, the payback can be even faster.

To start with, you can also run your bouncy castle rental as a wonderful business alongside your main job. Since most rentals take place on a weekend, there is no time overlap with your main job. The additional work on the weekend brings in a nice second salary.

In addition, you can initially run your bouncy castle business from home without any problems. Bouncy castles require very little storage space and a computer and telephone are sufficient for organization.

A later expansion of the range to include additional models such as slides, football goal walls, bull riding and so on could be very interesting. This gives the customer the opportunity to rent everything from you from a single source. This allows you to increase sales per customer and offer entire event packages in order to be able to serve larger customers.

We offer you the opportunity to quickly set up your own rental company with a small initial investment. For this to work, the following requirements should be met:
– Reliability
– Care of the material
– Willingness to work mainly on weekends
– Driving license class B

Other interesting uses for bouncy castles

However, the rental of bouncy castles is not only suitable for future self-employed people, but can also be a worthwhile portfolio expansion for rental companies of other event items such as lighting and sound technology, party tents, trailers and stages or for catering companies. Cross-selling can help you land larger orders and increase sales.
Bouncy castles are also a great way for hotels, restaurant operators and beer gardens to keep children busy. And instead of constantly renting a bouncy castle, you can simply buy your favorite model yourself and reduce the constant expenses.

Indoor playgrounds and, in summer, outdoor bouncy castle parks are also becoming increasingly popular. Since our bouncy castles are of absolute professional quality, long-term use is no problem. Why not expand the offer for the children and set up a new, fun bouncy castle from us.

There are more and more people in the world! In order to impress these people and especially the children of the new generation, more and more special event modules are required. The demand for bouncy castles will continue to increase, with no end in sight!

So, let’s go, contact us with your idea and we’ll be happy to help!

10 thoughts on “Buy a bouncy castle and become self-employed!”

  1. Thorsten Graubner

    Hello dear team,

    How to play with the idea of becoming self-employed with a bouncy castle rental or event rental.

    We are very unsure whether this will work.

    That’s why we’re looking for an experienced partner who can support us there and provide advice and support.

    They offer this support on their site. What exactly does that look like?

    We would be very happy to hear from you

    Kind regards, Graubner family

    1. Hello Mr. Graubner,

      That’s a great idea with the rental business, it’s best if we have a quick phone call to clarify all your questions.

  2. Hello, I plan to offer my outdoor equipment, such as slackline, bow and arrow… for rent. It’s a shame to have the material lying in the basement without really using it regularly.

    What are the steps I have to do and what do I need? (e.g. small business license? insurance? …)

    It would be great if you could make it easier for me to get started with my outdoor rental with tips on what I need to keep in mind. Also for tax returns etc.

    Thank you

    1. Hello Marcel,
      Our specialty is bouncy castles, here you would have to register a business and, ideally, take out business liability insurance as a rental company, your insurance agent can certainly help you here.
      From a tax perspective, this can be viewed differently depending on the other activity; here, too, we recommend the support of a tax advisor.

  3. Your article on starting a business as a bouncy castle rental company helped my daughter enormously! She wanted to know what she should consider before going to the market. A good tip that you can easily start with 1 – 2 bouncy castles and buy additional models as demand increases.

  4. Hello,

    if I started such a side business. How should I deal with the cleaning of the bouncy castles that come back after the award ceremony?
    Inflate and check together with the customer or check later?

    If you offer a delivery service, can you vacuum up the customer’s bouncy castle straight away so that you don’t have to put it up again?

    Best regards

  5. Patrick Baller

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I am very interested in such a business model.
    Can we have a telephone conversation about this in advance?

    Greetings Patrick

  6. Patrick Baller

    Ladies and Gentlemen

    I am interested in the information about becoming self-employed with a bouncy castle rental service.
    How do I get this information and how can you help me further?

    Greetings Patrick Baller

    1. Hello Mr. Baller,

      Thank you for your interest. Feel free to send us an email with your questions or just give us a call 🙂

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