What insurance do I need for a inflatable rental business?

What kind of insurance do I need if I want to hire out inflatables? This question is asked by many hire companies or those who want to become one in the near future. We often receive this question, as many inflatable hire companies deal with this topic during the start-up phase. Therefore, we will try to give you a brief answer here.

In principle, it is up to each rental company to decide how and to what extent it insures its rental activities. As in any other industry, there are of course many options. However, we would like to focus on the most important topic here – liability insurance. As a bouncy castle hire company, you should always take out company liability insurance for personal injury etc. in your own interest and to protect yourself against major financial losses. We have not yet found an insurer that sells the bouncy castle hire sector as a product, as the sector is very small. It is therefore advisable to simply ask your trusted insurance broker to make an enquiry with well-known insurers.
The most favourable and best cover or tariff can then be selected. The costs to be paid naturally depend on factors such as turnover, size, employees and number of inflatables. For beginners, however, you can roughly assume an annual premium of €300 – €500.

In addition, we have also heard of so-called comprehensive insurance policies that also cover the castles for damage etc. We have no experience in this area of insurance. We have no experience in this area of insurance. As a rule, the excess will be more expensive than the new purchase or repair. As already mentioned, it is therefore worth discussing the exact plan with an insurance broker or agent.

So, to summarise: no rental company is obliged to take out liability insurance, but for peace of mind and in the hope of never having to use it, it is a recommendation for the start.

2 thoughts on “What insurance do I need for a inflatable rental business?”

  1. Hello dear “Dodo-Inflatables-Team”,

    what kind of insurance can you recommend?
    Our experience is that no insurance company wants to do it.

    Kind regards Mathias

    1. Hello Mathias,
      We have our public liability insurance with “Nürnberger”. I would recommend that your broker puts out a tender.

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