Silencer for Inflatable Blower

Silencer for Inflatable Blower


  • Silencer for inflatable blower

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We are pleased to present our latest product: the silencer for inflatable blowers. If you own or rent out a bouncy castle, you probably know that the noise level of the blower can sometimes be annoying. This innovative silencer was developed in Germany to tackle this problem.

Our silencer for inflatable blowers reduces the noise by an impressive 5 dB. That may sound like a small number, but the audible difference is enormous! With our silencer, you can enjoy the fun of inflatables and inflatable attractions without having to worry about excessive noise. Your customers and neighbours will thank you!

The silencer is specially designed for inflatable blowers and fits perfectly with our Huawei and Gibbons blowers. Installation is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is hold the silencer to the blower, it is sucked in and you can enjoy the quieter operation. The silencer does not affect the performance of the blower and ensures an efficient air supply for the inflatable. You can also attach the silencer to the blower using the rubber strap supplied.

The silencer for bouncy castle blowers is not only intended for commercial operators, but also for private individuals who want to set up their bouncy castle at home. Enjoy the peace and quiet in your garden while the children play carefree.

See for yourself with the following videos and have fun with your quieter bouncy castle adventure!

Schalldämpfer Test am Huawei Gebläse
Schlldämpfer Test am Gibbons Gebläse

(The blower is not included.)

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