Dismantle the bouncy castle

Folding an inflatable correctly, nothing could be easier!

When you stand in front of an inflated bouncy castle for the first time, you’ll probably wonder how you can ever get it as small as it was before you set it up. This thought is absolutely justified, as folding it up properly does take some practice! New owners of inflatables often find it very difficult to fold an inflatable back down to a reasonably small size and are completely overwhelmed. To prevent this from happening to you, we would like to give you a few tips based on our many years of experience as a bouncy castle hire company.

The most important thing first: The inflatable should always be completely dry before dismantling! Not just reasonably dry or “just a little damp”, but really dry as straw! The seams and floor in particular should also be checked. If there is no other way and the bouncy castle has to be dismantled wet, you should urgently set it up again in the next few days and leave it to dry out in the sun for a few hours.

Now that the inflatable is dry, it’s time to get down to business! How do I get all the air out of the inflatable?
The first thing you should do is switch off the blower and remove it from the inflatable’s hose. Then all zips or other existing openings should be opened and ideally held open with your hands for a while. This is the best way for the air to escape. At this point, some of you will certainly be asking yourself: Why isn’t there actually a vacuum cleaner or a blower that simply sucks the air out again? The answer: There is! But after testing all the models, we have unfortunately come to the conclusion that these deflators are not really effective. That’s why we simply continue by hand (or foot) and walk around on the inflatable until most of the air is out and the inflatable lies nice and flat on the ground.

Now it’s important to fold it correctly so that the inflatable is nice and compact and reasonably transportable! It is best to first fold the inflatable in the centre from both sides. After this first folding, it is advisable to walk around on the inflatable again to get more air out. Then simply fold the bouncy castle in the centre again and walk up and down on the bouncy castle a few more times. When the inflatable is now lying in front of you as a narrow tube (approx. one metre wide), you can start rolling the inflatable from the front (i.e. from the front tread) like a roll. Once the roll is ready on the ground, simply tighten a strap around the whole castle and pack it back into the appropriate protective cover or transport bag! The inflatable fits into any estate car and can also be stored perfectly on a Euro pallet.

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