Store inflatables correctly

Today we would like to focus on the topic of how to store bouncy castles correctly. Regardless of whether it is a private household, a small rental company or a large rental and event company, the principles are the same in all cases. Whether one or 30 bouncy castles, storing the bouncy castles properly is very important to optimize the durability of the castle.

The first and most important rule is dry storage. Bouncy castles may only be stored completely dry, because if they are damp, mildew and mold will appear, which can be very difficult to remove. Of course, it often happens that the bouncy castle gets wet during or when dismantling the event. Here the castle can of course be packed up wet, but should be dried in the sun or in a heated hall within the next five days. Should it really happen that the bouncy castle has developed mold stains due to being stored in a damp place for too long, the best solution is our bouncy castle cleaner, with which the entire castle must be carefully scrubbed and cleaned.

The second point to consider is the use of a protective cover or transport bag. We can say that most defects in a bouncy castle occur due to improper transport (e.g. dragging on the ground, getting trapped, etc.). Once the bouncy castle is dry and well packed, it goes to the warehouse, whether on a high shelf or in a garage. The storage location should definitely be dry. It is advisable to always place the bouncy castle on a pallet so that it is not directly on the ground. When storing in garages and sheds, care should of course be taken to ensure that no mice or other animals nest. If you pay attention to these few points, nothing can go wrong 🙂

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