Which blower do I need for my inflatable?

Gibbons or Huawei – The bouncy castle blower classics in comparison.

We are often asked which bouncy castle blower is the right one for the bouncy castle. Basically, we offer the two best manufacturers in our opinion and therefore have Gibbons and Huawei blowers in our range. To get straight to the point: Both blowers are really great and there are no differences in quality that we know of. So it’s to some extent a matter of taste, many customers or bouncy castle owners have already chosen their favorite.

The Gibbons blower is probably the most common blower in Europe and we also use it predominantly. In the last ten years we have never had a defect in a Gibbons blower that we rent out. So the brand does what it promises!

The yellow-black fans from Huawei seem to be a little quieter (according to the official manufacturer’s information, both are equally loud). The biggest advantage that we have come to appreciate over time is the combination option in conjunction with the suction function and a heating function. With the Huawei bouncy castle blower, it is possible to suck the air out of the bouncy castle after use using the deflator attachment, which roughly halves the time it takes to dismantle it. Furthermore, a patented system makes it possible to connect a so-called heater to the fan. This heater heats the incoming air and allows a wet bouncy castle to dry out much more quickly. A real blessing for some rental companies who have a lot of wet bouncy castles to dry after a rainy weekend.

In short: The Gibbons blower is a tried and tested classic that can be recommended without reservation, you will never have any problems with it.
The Huawei blower is a real innovation if you want to use the deflate or heat function and is certainly an interesting addition for one or two rental companies that have several castles in their range.

To get a better idea of the whole thing with the Huawei blower and its extensions, we recommend watching the following videos:

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