Pre-ordering an inflatable – with us, it couldn’t be easier!

Currently, there is unfortunately a well-known problem: global supply shortages for many products. Since all our bouncy castles are handcrafted, production takes a while and is currently quite busy. If one of our inflatables that you like states, “Delivery time: On Pre-Order – Delivery expected example month,” then the inflatable is either still in production or on its way to us.

In this case, you should definitely pre-order the bouncy castle. In most cases, especially with the most popular models, the bounce house is already sold out before it reaches our warehouse. We receive numerous pre-orders, so there is a high probability that the desired bounce house will no longer be available if you wait until the specified month to place your order.

Therefore, we make it easy for you. Completely risk-free. Simply order your inflatable as usual in the shop, select the payment method “Bank Transfer,” and note in the comments section “Pre-order.” Now the next bouncy castle that arrives is reserved for you. Of course, the goods do not have to be paid for now, but the reservation is still maintained for you, and we will contact you as soon as it is foreseeable when the goods are ready for shipment. Then you can instruct the payment.

Alternatively, you are welcome to send us an email with your order to We will gladly record your pre-order.

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