Huawei Deflator Attachment – Double

Huawei Deflator Attachment – Double



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Buy the Huawei inflatable blower deflator attachment – double

The deflator for the Huawei inflatable blower is the thing for hire companies or customers with several inflatables in stock. The Huawei blower can be fitted with the deflator to suck the air out of the inflatable and thus enable faster dismantling.

Even with this tool, the inflatable cannot be dismantled and folded up by itself; here too, you have to walk around the castle a bit and then fold it up, but it does make the work a lot easier, especially if you have several inflatables. There is a short and a long version of the deflator, which one is the right one is different for every user.

The easiest way is to insert the deflator attachment into the side opening of the inflatable. All other openings must remain closed so that as little external air as possible is sucked in.

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